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Every summer, Better Future Project (BFP) assembles a group of dedicated students to work as  climate organizing fellows on grassroots campaigns. In early June, BFP provides fellows with immersive training in community organizing, campaign and movement strategy, facilitation, and more. The fellows then spend eight weeks collaborating on a community-oriented campaign, while receiving ongoing coaching and training. The campaigns vary from year to year, and this year fellows are excited to work on a divestment campaign that asks the iconic New England Aquarium to pull its investments from fossil fuels. When the fellows return to their campuses this fall, they will be primed with meaningful connections, enhanced skills, and renewed passion for the climate movement.

This summer Better Future Project welcomes 10 talented and dedicated Climate Organizing Fellows and two Senior Fellows. Our fellows represent eight colleges and are passionate about a variety of climate justice issues. 


Aviva Kardener, Tufts University

"I chose to participate in the BFP Climate Organizing Summer Program this summer because it offers an incredible opportunity to try my hand at community organizing with an incredible group of activist peers."



Amber Houghstow, Harvard Universityamber_edit.png

"I chose to participate in the BFP Climate Organizing Summer Program this summer because I wanted to learn how to become an effective climate organizer. I believe this learning process is the best way to maximize my life-long impact."


Nathaniel Williams, Grinnell College

"I care about environmental justice because climate change is violent and political. Going to college in Iowa, I have seen some of the ways fossil fuel companies and corporate agriculture poison rural areas and push low-income and indigenous communities out of their homes. This summer I hope to learn how I can most effectively organize against this corporate power."



Gracie Jackson, Clark University

"Climate justice has struck my interest because as a psych major, I hope to connect with people to create positive growth not only in their personal lives but in the environments that make it possible. Working in climate justice allows me to examine the intersections between human rights and standing up to the non-renewable energy industries that cause this oppression."


Screen_Shot_2017-06-12_at_4.37.39_PM.pngIsabel Falls, Tufts University

"I am excited to be part of the BFP Fellowship because I am able to continue to examine the intersections between human rights and environmental changes and this program has already enabled me to continue to explore these intersections."




Phillip Brown, Clark University

"I am participating in the BFP program because after having seen the devastating effects of climate change in my home country of Jamaica, I knew I had to receive the proper training and experience to fight for disproportionately marginalized communities around the globe."


Jordan Mudd, Brandeis University 

"I believe that the fight against climate change also combats many other atrocities - racial inequality, the refugee crisis, and corporate power (to name a few), which is why I find my work with BFP to be so important."




Baelyn Duffy, Saint Anselm College

"I became interested in climate change after watching a documentary which highlighted just how serious the issue is. I knew immediately that I had to take action, and an internship for a climate change organization (BFP) seemed like a great first step!" 


Screen_Shot_2017-06-12_at_4.38.17_PM.pngRory Redgrave, Smith College

"I chose to participate in the BFP summer program because it is an amazing opportunity to be working with passionate people committed to learning effective climate justice organizing centered around the impact of climate change on frontline communities."


Screen_Shot_2017-06-12_at_4.37.14_PM.pngFranchesca Araujo, Boston College

"I'm committed to climate justice and the ways in which black and brown communities, domestically and globally, continue to lead and pioneer the fight for environmental justice. I am excited about this campaign because it gives us a unique opportunity to understand that climate change is inherently about social justice, and to acknowledge which communities are disproportionately affected by the fossil fuel industry yet ignored by the mainstream dialogue."


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